In Memory

Larry Jimenez

Larry Jimenez

A tribute and memory from classmate and good friend Dick Meade:

Jan, Jimenez, Larry's wife, called to let me know that Larry passed away on April 26, 2019.

I met Larry when we were both in kindergarten, and we became fast friends.  We soon added Chip Uppling to our group, and we all stayed friends through high school and beyond.  Larry loved German cars, so it was fitting that he and I owned Volkswagens.  We acquired an old, derelict VW Bus, and restored it, outfitting the interior for camping.  We drove that bus to sports car races and on camping trips.  There are lots of stories that center around that bus, most of which are better left untold but include lots of beer and bratwurst.

Of all our trips, one stands out.  Sometime around 1970, Larry decided to visit his Grandmother, and asked if I would like to ride with him; only problem was that his Grandmother lived in Mexico City.  I figured my parents would be less than thrilled with this, so I told them I was going to Iowa for a week or so, and off we went.  In a VW Beetle.  That's another trip that had a lot of stories.

Larry moved East, and I went South.  We stayed in touch through email and the occasional phone call.  I'm glad he and Jan were able to make it to the 45th reunion, where we had a great time catching up.  Larry had a wonderful sense of humor and a remarkable memory.  He was a true gentleman giant.

Godspeed, my friend.